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About Me

my story

I started Bianca Smit Photography in 2013, only as a part time job, but got word from God, resigned my job, and I’ve been living my dream being a full time photographer ever since. I’ve always had a great passion for photography. It’s important for me to capturing timeless photographs, that does not just capture the moment but also has a creative artistic way of displaying them.

I would describe my style as vibrant, timeless & heartfelt.
I am also a make-up artist, and completed my 8 months part time studies in August 2014 by Kohl Make-Up Academy. I have a great passion for art, especially visual art and painting. I’m a people’s person and love to interact with others while capturing wonderful photographs.

Some fun facts about me is that I am a proudly South African Afrikaanse meisie, I love the ocean, I LOVE beautifully presented food and I’ve been a pescatarian since 1 January 2019! What is a pescatarian? Someone who doesn’t eat meat but does eat fish. So I like saying, I can eat anything in the ocean, but nothing on the land. I do however eat eggs occasionally. I’m a big animal lover, having 4 dogs. I have one brother who’s a full time musician. My mom is an artist/painter, my father a fisherman who lives in Pringle Bay. I got married on 17 October 2015 to Pierre Appelgryn, my best friend and soul mate. I’m a real ‘softy’ when it comes to weddings and have had tears in my eyes at every single wedding that I’ve captured, I am a big believer in Christ and how He’s provided for me, and keeps providing continuously. I enjoy being outside on sunny days, learning new things in life and spending time with the people that matter most to me. My biggest dream is to travel the world and to be able to capture it while doing so. I LOVE old camera’s and have a couple myself. I am a Canon shooter and LOVE my brand.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at my site!

client referrals

my wedding

One thing I’ve learned, is that sometimes it’s wonderful to be able to follow another persons story and journey through images, and so I thought I’d share some photos from my and Pierre’s wedding day, our styled shoot afterwards (we wanted a fun/different location than the wedding venue), and a couple shoot a couple of months afterwards. Just a little background: Pierre and I met on 14th of February 2015. All unplanned. Promise! Our first date was the next day, we started dating on the 5th of March, fell madly in love and got engaged 17th of April 2015. If you had asked me in January 2015 what I would have thought of something like this & knowing someone for such a short while, I would have thought you were completely mad, but we were & still are inseparable. We got married on the 17th of October 2015. Small wedding of 33 guests. With our closest friends & immediate family. And it was perfect. Best day of my life, tying the knot with my best friend and soul mate. My gift from God. Thank you to Colette from Flash of Madness, Riaan West and Lauren Pretorius for this collection of photos xxx